Successful Photo Shoot Preparation Part 2

Dated: 08/14/2014

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Living/Family Room 
◼  Clear the mantle of personal photos 
◼  Turn off the television 
◼  Light a fire in the fireplace 
◼  Replace any large family portraits with generic artwork 
◼  Straighten the book shelves
◼  Straighten the rug and throw pillows 

Dining Room 
◼  Set the table or clear everything but a small centerpiece 

◼  Remove all refrigerator magnets, photos, artwork, etc. 
◼  Clear the top of the fridge
◼  Clear the counter tops 
◼  Put away all counter-top appliances 
◼  Put away all cleaning supplies 
◼  Put away all towels including wash rags and dish towels 
◼  Hide the garbage can in a closet or pantry 
◼  Put away any water or food bowls for pets 

◼  Make the bed 
◼  Remove anything stored under the bed if there is no dust ruffle to cover it 
◼  Put away all shoes and clothing 
◼  Clear the bedside tables; leave only the lamp, clock, and one or two books
◼  Clear/ straighten the dresser 
◼  Straighten the book shelves 

Walk-in Closet 
◼  Tidy-up the closet by organizing/ sorting clothing and shoes 
◼  Matching hangers are a nice touch 

◼  Open the shower curtains 
◼  Put down the toilet seat 
◼  Put out fresh, matching towels 
◼  Hide all bath products from the tub/shower including bars of soap, shampoo & conditioner, washcloths, etc. 
◼  Hide all bath products from the sink including hand soap, makeup, etc. decorative soaps can stay Hide all appliances including the hair drier, curling iron, etc. 
◼  Hide all air fresheners including those that plug in 
◼  Hide all cleaning products 

Home Office 
◼  Hide any visible cords
◼  Put away all paperwork 
◼  Hide the facial tissue 

Checklist courtesy of BTW Images

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