How To Prepare Home For Sale From Inside Out

Dated: 03/16/2015

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So you want to sell your house.  Here is a checklist I share with my clients in order to help them prepare.  It details areas to address on the Exterior and Interior of the house.  And if you want a professional opinion give me a call or text to 703-615-2663! 

Check Lists for Homeowners

Here is a whole house checklist. These are items we will want to evaluate prior to listing your home.

Exterior Checklist

House Exterior

painted recently

no blistering or peeling paint

shutters on straight

gutters, downspouts, clean & clear

exterior lights all working

no curled-up roof shingles

exterior fixtures painted

chimney mortar tight

flashing secure, leak free and tight

door thresholds and jams in good conditions - no water damage/rot


no cracked panes or broken seals

sashes recently painted

work easily

caulking in good condition


all storm windows in place

Patios and Terraces

surface smooth and clean

no standing water or moss

stain or paint on wooden deck in good condition

free of termites and dry rot

railings sound and secure

Landscaping and Grounds


lawn in good condition

grass mowed

edges trimmed

fences secure

trees and shrubs trimmed to show the house

walks clean, no cracks or moss

driveway clean, no cracks or moss, good repair

planting beds, new mulch, no weeds

dead limbs, trees, and shrubs removed

Interior Checklist


Sink free, clean, and no leaks

appliances all work

unexpired warranty and operating manuals available

range, hood, filter, and ventilator free of accumulated grease and odors

cupboards free for excess storage

cupboards arranged orderly

counters free of clutter


replace loose or broken tiles

caulk joints where necessary

leaky faucets repaired

sink stains removed

counters clear

clean towels out

shower curtain clean, bright, fresh

peeling wallpaper repaired

lights working

floor clean

drawer and cabinet hardware working

tile surround and grout clean and sparkling

Individual Rooms

walls, window, and sills clean, free of smudges

light bulbs bright

curtains clean

doors working smoothly

woodwork recently painted

floor recently cleaned

carpets clean, tacked down

door hardware works

remove unnecessary items


Structural elements sound

no cracked wall or sagging beams

no water penetration

no dampness

no musty or sewer-gas odor

no stopped-up drains

clean condition

all lights working

stairway handrail secure and clean

stairway lights bright and working

furnace inspected, clean and filter changed


Free of clutter

recently swept and orderly; no oil stains

tools and equipment neatly stored

light fixtures working

door operates easily and quietly

electric door-opener works

Service Records








water heater

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